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  • 01、The operation process is simple and easy to learn.

    Weihang Inspection Certification Operations over 500 PVOC cases, rich experience, simple process, to your surprise, details please contact us;

  • 02、Good service quality and fast certification

    Fast certification, generally 3-5 working days can be issued, for non-high-risk products, can be exempted from testing, inspection;

  • 03、Effective Reduction of Economic Costs

    Equivalent services, affordable prices, high cost-effective, can achieve test-free, inspection-free, reduce export costs, we only earn operating costs;

  • 04、Perfect after-sales service

    The product is special, the situation is complex, a telephone help you to fix, 10,000 percent of the promised certificates are genuine certificates.


Company profile
Zhejiang Veyhon Commodity Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Veyhon Commodity Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional organization engaged in product testing, product certification and customs clearance certificate. Relying on professional, efficient and pragmatic one-stop service, we have won the unanimous praise of our customers, and are the best in the domestic testing and certification industry. Since its inception, the Division has become one of the most professional product testing and Certification Companies in the country. The existing customers cover most of China and maintain good cooperative relations with many international certification bodies (BV, SGS, ITS, CCIC, TUV, COTECNA, NEMKO, AENOR, etc.) and various standards bureaus (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, etc.) and once obtained the exclusive authorizatio


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